Name: Chenfanghao

Department: School of Economics

Gender: male

Post: Assistant Professor


Degree: PhD. in Economics

Graduate School: Peking University



Office Location: School of Economics at Jinan University, 314A







Welcome! I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics in the School of Economics at Jinan University. I obtained my PhD in economics from the National School of Development at Peking University.

My research fields are industrial economics, urban economics and business economics. The common thread of my research is in understanding industrial development in China, and its relation to China’s growing role in the global market. My current focuses are how Chinese diasporas pinoneered in a premature market, provided the pioneering FDI into mainland China, and facilitated the transition of China toward an open, market-oriented and properous economy. 

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  • 2017–2022 Ph.D. in Economics. National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing, China 

  • 2019–2020 Graduate Visiting Student. Department of Economics, University of Toronto, Toronto ON, Canada 

  • 2013–2017 B.A in Economics & Finance. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China

Work Experience

2022–Present Assistant Professor. School of Economics, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Research Fields

Thesis Fields


  • Publications

  1. 2022 Diaspora Firms and Outward-Oriented Development of China. with Ruichi Xiong (UofT), Journal of China Economics (中国经济学), 1:118-158 [In Chinese] 

  2. 2022 Endowment-Congruent Technical Change. with Zhongchen Fan (PKU) , Chinese Economic Quarterly (经济学(季刊)), Forthcoming [In Chinese] 

  3. 2022 Moblizing Intra-city Synergies: The Economics of the County-to-District Reform. with Jingjing Ye (SWUFE), Chinese Economic Quarterly (经济学(季刊)) Forthcoming [In Chinese]

  4. 2017 Does Personal Income Tax Cut Induce Labor Supply?Evidence from a Quasi-experiment. with Jingjing Ye, Yan Wu and Yuqing Wang, Management World (管理世界), 12, 20-32 [In Chinese] 

  • Working Papers

  1. 2022 Familiar Strangers: Lineage Connection and Diaspora Direct Investments in China. with Ruichi Xiong (UofT) and Xiaobo Zhang (PKU & IFPRI)

  • Working in Progress

  1. Industrial Evolution in China. with Loren Brandt (UofT), Gilles Duranton (UPenn & LSE & CEPR)

  2. Diaspora Investments and Local Development. with Ruichi Xiong (UofT), Xiaobo Zhang (PKU & IFPRI)

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