Name: Liudexue

Department: College of Economics

Gender: male


Career: Professor

Degree: Ph.D

Graduate School: Northeastern University, China

Tel: 85220167


Office Location: College of Economics, Jinan University

Address: Huangpu Avenue W. 601, Guangzhou, P. R. China

PostCode: 510632

Fax: 85222477




Professor Liu’s research interests are in the areas of international economics and business, mainly focusing on economic globalization and global production networks/global value chains. His work takes advantage of his multidisciplinary background, for instance recent publications on upgrading of exports employ ideas drawn from both economics and management.


  • Northeastern University, China

    Aug, 2000Apr, 2002, Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering

  • Jilin University of Technology, China

    Sept, 1984Jun, 1986, Master in Business Administration

    Oct, 1978--Aug, 1982, B.S. in Agricultural Machinery Engineering

Work Experience

  • Professor, College of Economics, Jinan University, China (May, 2003-Present)

  • Visiting Professor, Texas A & M International University, USA (Aug, 2011—May, 2012)

  • Professor, Business Administration School, Northeastern University, China (Jan, 1995May, 2003)

  • Senior Economist, Liaoning Provincial Industrial Products Trading & Developing Group, China (Nov, 1992Jan, 1995)

  • Lecturer, Economics & Trade College, Shenyang University of Technology, China (Nov, 1988Nov, 1992)

  • Lecturer, Management College, Jilin University of Technology, China (Jun, 1986Nov, 1988)

  • Engineer, R&D Department, Heilongjiang Yilan Harvest Machinery Company, China (Aug,1982Sept, 1984)

Research Fields

Thesis Fields

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Undertake the subject

  1. Transformation and Upgrading of Processing Trade, Supported by the National Social Science Fund, 2004-2005.

  2. Foreign Science and Technology Cooperation in Guangdong, Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Soft Science Fund2006-2007.

  3. Innovation of Manufacturing under the Global Production Network in Guangdong, Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Social Science Fund, 2007-2009.

  4. The Trend of Global Division and Its Impact on China's Economic Development (subproject). Supported by the National Social Science Fund, 2010-2012.

  5. Transformation and Upgrading Mode of Processing Firms in Guangdong, Supported by National Government Agency, 2010-2011

  6. Global Division Evolution and Industrial Competitive Advantage Development in Guangdong, Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Humanities and Social Science Fund for Universities, 2010-2014.

  7. Science and Technology Talents Networks and Regional Innovation System in Guangdong, Supported by Guangdong Provincial Soft Science Fund, 2012-2014.

  8. The Theory and Practice of Negative List Management in China, Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Social Science Fund, 2015-2016.

  9. The Development Trend of Processing Trade under the New Normal in Guangdong, Supported by Guangdong Provincial Government Agency, 2015-2016.

  10. The Functional Division and Coordination in the Pearl River Delta, Supported by the Guangdong Provincial Social Science Fund, 2014-2017.

Patent for invention

Open Course

International Economics, International Business, Transnational Corporation Management, Cross Culture Communication


Social Position

Vice President of Guangdong Emerging Economies Research Association; Board Member of Guangdong Economic Society