Name: Pengguohua

Department: College of Economics

Gender: male


Career: Professor

Degree: PhD.

Graduate School: Sun Yat-Sen University



Office Location:

Address: 601 West Huangpu Road

PostCode: 510632

Fax: 020-85220187





Sun Yat-Sen University  (Guangzhou, China), Ph.D. in Economics  

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (Wuhan, China), M.S. Economics, B.A.Economics


Work Experience

    Jinan University, College of Economics, (Guangzhou, China), Professor, October 2011-

        Stanford University, SCID, Visiting Scholar, (2015. 2 - 2016. 3, 2009. 8 - 2010. 8)

    Jinan University, College of Economics, (Guangzhou, China), Associate Professor, October 2007- October 2011

    Jinan University, College of Economics, (Guangzhou, China), Assistant Professor, July 2006-October 2007

Research Fields

Thesis Fields


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  2. Guohua Peng, Fan Xia, The Size Distribution of Exporting and Non-exporting Firms in a Panel of Chinese ProvincesPapers in Regional Science, 95(S1), 2016, pp S71–S85. 

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BOOK: Total Factor Productivity and Regional Disparity in ChinaEconomic Science Press, Beijing, 2009(The revisions of some chapters were published in Journals above.)

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