Name: Puhualin


Gender: male


Career: Associate professor

Degree: Ph. D.

Graduate School: Jinan University



Office Location:








2009-2010 Academic visitor to School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester

2005-2009Department of International Economics and Trade, Jinan University, Ph.D. in economics

1999-2002 College of International Economics and Trade, Beijing Second International Studies University, MA

1990-1994Department of English Language Education, Sichuan International Studies University, BA

Work Experience

2011- Department of International Economics and Trade, College of Economics, Jinan University, Associate Professor

2002-2011 International School, Jinan University, Lecturer, Associate Professor

1994-1999 Department of Foreign Languages, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Teaching assistant, Lecturer

Research Fields

Thesis Fields

Published Papers:

▽ Hualin Pu, Pondering over Unsuccessful Cases of TNCs in China, a paper submitted for the international symposium: Multinationals in China: Competition and Cooperation, published by the Universal Press Limited, HongKong, July, 2004.

▽ Hualin Pu and Ying Que, Why Have Some Transnational Corporations Failed in China, China & World Economy, Vol. 12, No. 5, Sep.-Oct. 2004.

▽ Hualin Pu, How Far Can Chinese Motorcycles Roar----A Study on Chinese Motorcycle Export, China-USA Business Review, Vol. 3, No. 11, Nov. 2004.

 Hualin Pu and Ying Que, Not Guilty, on Balance——Financial Crisis, Global Imbalance and China’s Trade Surplus: Fact or Fallacy? Financial World, May 2010

 ▽Hualin Pu, Impacts of Intra-product Specialization and Trade on China’s Trade Balance, 

  Journal of International Trade, April, 2011.

 ▽Hualin Pu, Intra-product Specialization and China’s Trade in Parts and Components: Theory,

  Status Quo and Problems, World Economy Study, May 2010.

 ▽Hualin Pu, Determinants of Intra-product Specialization and Trade: an Empirical Study of

  China’s Trade in Parts and Components, Journal of International Trade, May 2010.

 ▽Hualin Pu and Jie Zhang, Intra-product Specialization and the Structural Sino-USA Trade

  Surplus, World Economy Study, March 2007.

 ▽Hualin Pu and Jie Zhang, Intra-product Specialization and International Trade, Journal of

  International Trade, November 2006.

Working Papers:

Hualin Pu, China’s Growing Trade in Parts and Components: Causes, Patterns and Gains 2009/12/28

Hualin Pu, Rethinking Global Imbalance and China’s Trade Surplus: Fact or Fallacy? 2010/2/21

Hualin Pu, French Investment and French Companies in China: the Chinese Point of View 2011/6/18

 ▽Hualin Pu, Does Infrastructure Matter? Potential Impacts of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on Its Bilateral Trade 2015/12/09

Hualin Pu, Global Imbalance, Intra-product Specialization and China’s Gains, 2009/11/11

Hualin Pu, International Division of Labor: from Inter-industry to Intra-product, 2009/12/02

Hualin Pu, Micro Governance Structure of Global Production Networks, 2010/05/03


▽ Hualin Pu, WTO & ChinaRules and Cases----from a legal and economic perspective (to be published).

▽ Huifen Yu, et al, An Introduction to Chinese Culture, Chapter 4: Ancient Chinese Economic Thoughts and Business Culture, published by Jinan University Press, Oct. 2007.

▽ Huifen Yu, et al, Advanced Management English----DIY Exercise for MBA Students, Editor, published by Peking University Press, Nov. 2004.

▽ Yuliang Li and Hualin Pu, An Introduction to International TradeTsinghua University Press, Beijing Jiaotong University Press, January, 2006.

Hualin Pu, International Intra-product Specialization and the Growth of China’s Foreign Trade: Theory, Facts and Advices, Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2011.

Hualin Pu, Industrial Structure of Germany and the Evolution of its Position in International Specialization (chapter 6) in Zhang Jie (ed.) New Change of International Division of Labor and Industrial Structure, Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2014.

Undertake the subject

▽ In 2008, being invited to attend the 3rd Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences at Lindau, Germany.

▽ In 2012, being invited to give lectures on history of Chinese commerce to MBA students in Myanmar.

▽ In 2014, being invited to give a lecture on China’s economic reform in Pusan National University, S. Korea.

▽ In 2017, being invited to give lectures on China’s economic reform in Sciences Po Lille, France.

Patent for invention

Open Course

Undergraduate Courses Taught in Englishsince 2003

Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Investment, WTO Rules and their Legal and Economic Analysis, International Trade and Geography

Postgraduate Courses Taught in Englishsince 2011

Highlights of Ancient Chinese Economic Thoughts, History of Chinese Commerce, Economy of Contemporary China


Social Position