Name: Hao-Chang Sung

Department: Department of Finance


Gender: male


Career: Lecturer

Degree: Ph. D.

Graduate School: National Chengchi University



Office Location:








Ph. D. Financial Markets and Banking,National Chengchi University, Taiwan.November 2012

M.S. International Business Studies, National Chi Nan University,Taiwan.January 2005

B.A. Finance, Yuan Ze University,Taiwan.June 2002

Work Experience

Assistant Professor: Department of Finance, College of Economics,Jinan University, (2016.09~present)

Assistant Professor: The International Center for Financial Research (ICFR),Jiangxi Normal University, (2013.09~2016.09)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Department of Information and Finance, National Chiao Tung University, (2013.02~2013.07)

Research Fields

Thesis Fields

Published papers:

1.Hao-Chang Sung, & Shirley J. Ho, (2019). Supply chain finance and impacts of consumers’ sustainability awareness. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, In Press. [SSCI]. (BUSINESS, FINANCE: 67/103; ECONOMICS: 183/363; impact factor: 1.199, 2018 year)

2.Wen Ju Liao, & Hao-Chang Sung, (2018). Implied risk aversion and pricing kernel in the FTSE 100 Index. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, In Press. [SSCI]. (BUSINESS, FINANCE: 67/103; ECONOMICS: 183/363; impact factor: 1.199, 2018 year)

3.Hui Hong, Hao-Chang Sung, & Jingjing Yang, (2018). On profitability of volatility trading on S&P 500 equity index options: The role of trading frictions. International Review of Economics & Finance, 55, 295-307. [SSCI]. (BUSINESS, FINANCE: 57/103; ECONOMICS: 156/363; impact factor: 1.432, 2018year)

4.Hao-Chang Sung, & Chunsheng Yuan, (2017). Biased voluntary disclosure, earnings target, and product market competition. Annals of Financial Economics, 12(3), (September 2017) (20 pages). [ECONLIT] [ESCI].

5.Naiwei Chen, Hao-Chang Sung, & Jingjing Yang, (2017). Ownership structure, corporate governance, and investment efficiency of Chinese listed firms. Pacific Accounting Review, 29(3), 266-282. [ESCI].

6.Hsiao-Fen Hsiao, Szu-Lang Liao, Chi-Wei Su, & Hao-Chang Sung, (2017). Product market Competition, r&d investment choice, and real earnings management. International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, (2017), 25(3), 296-312.

7.Su Chi-wei, Khalid Khan, Oana Ramona Lobonţ, & Hao-Chang Sung. (2016). Is there any relationship between producer price index and consumer price index in Slovakia? A bootstrap rolling approach. EKONOMICKY CASOPIS, 64(7), 611-628. [SSCI]. (ECONOMICS: 326/353; impact factor: 0.720, 2016 year)

8.Tsai-Ling Liao, Hao-Chang Sung, & Min-Teh Yu. (2016). Advertising and investor recognition of banking firms: Evidence from Taiwan. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. 52(4), 812-824. [SSCI]. (ECONOMICS: 237/353; impact factor: 0.826, 2016 year)

9.Shirley J. Ho, & Hao-Chang Sung. (2014). Strategic delegation in a multiproduct mixed industry. Managerial and Decision Economics. 35(4), 278-287. [SSCI, ECONLIT] (ECONOMICS: 286/363; impact factor: 0.701, 2018 year).

10.Shirley J. Ho, and Hao-Chang Sung. (2012). The informational and strategic impacts of real earnings management. Annals of Economics and Finance, 13(2), 363-387. [SSCI]. (ECONOMICS: 347/353; impact factor: 0.278, 2012 year)

Book Chapter:

1.Jinging Yang, & Hao-Chang Sung, “Accounting Fraud, Audit Fees, and Government Intervention in China”, PBBEF-Volume 05, Chapter 06, page 101-120. Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance (ISBN-978-1-78743-410-3--Edited by Dr. Cheng-Few Lee, Dr. Min-Teh Yu).

Submitting Papers:

1.Cheng-Few Lee andHao-Chang Sung (2019). “Product Market Competition, and Outputs Manipulations: Theory and Implications”. 

2.Hao-ChangSung (2019). “Meeting Earnings Targets, Product Market Competition, and Outputs Manipulations”. 

3.Hao-Chang Sung, & Shirley J. Ho (2019). “Disclosure Strategies for Earnings Forecasts: Compensation Structures and Managerial Overoptimism” .

Conference Papers:

1.Michelle M. Chu, Yin-Feng Gau , & Hao-Chang Sung “Price Discovery in Chinese Stock and Bond Markets around Macroeconomic Announcements”. 2019 China Meeting of the Econometric Society, Jinan University, June 18-20, 2019, China.

2.Hao-Chang Sung & Shirley J. Ho “Purchase Order Financing and Impacts of Consumer’s Sustainability Awareness”. the 27th Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management, National Taiwan University, Taiwan on 15-16 June, 2019.

3.Hao-Chang Sung & Shirley J. Ho “Managerial Over-optimism, Managerial Compensation Structures, and the Way of Disclosure to Stock Markets”. the 2019 FeAT Annual Conference, May 31- June 1, 2019, Taipei Medical University, Taipei City, Taiwan.

4.Hao-Chang Sung & Shirley J. Ho “Clawback Provisions, Corporate Governance, and Compensation Structures” 26th Pacific Basin Finance Accounting Economics andManagement (PBFEAM) conference,Rutgers University, USA, 6-7 September, 2018.

5.Hao-Chang Sung & Shirley J. Ho Hao-Chang Sung, & Shirley J. Ho “Supply Chain Finance and Impacts ofConsumer's Sustainability Awareness” The 12th Biennial Conference of Asian Consumer and Family Economics Association, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou City, Fujian, China July 11 -14, 2018.

6.Cheng-Few Lee, & Hao-Chang Sung “Earnings Benchmarks, Product MarketCompetition, and Real Earnings Management 25st Pacific Basin Finance Accounting Economics and Management (PBFEAM) conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore on 22-24 November, 2017.

7.Hao-Chang Sung & Shirley J. Ho “Clawback Provisions, Corporate Governance, andCompensation Structures”. Global Economy & Governance Conference, at the Ocean University of China, Qingdao, on 13th-16th October 2016.

8.Hao-Chang Sung (chair of concurrent session-Costs), 2015 Canadian AcademicAccounting Association Annual Conference, (May 2015).

9.Hao-Chang Sung “The Impact of Meeting Earnings Benchmarkss in a Multiperiod Oligopoly Setting”.

- Presented at 2014 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting (AAA) -concurrent session, (August2014)

- 2015 Canadian Academic Accounting Association Annual Conference (CAAA)- concurrent session, (May 2015).

10.Hao-Chang Sung “The Impact of Meeting Earnings Thresholds in a Multiperiod Oligopoly Setting,” 2014 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

11.Hao-Chang Sung “Earnings Target, Voluntary Disclosure, Product Market Competition,” 21st Pacific Basin Finance Accounting Economics an Management (PBFEAM) conference, Melbourne, Australia, 4-5, July, 2013, DeakinUniversity.

12.Szu-Lang Liao, & Hao-Chang Sung,“R&D Expenditure with Spillover, Real Earnings Management, and Meeting or Beating Earnings Targets,”Taiwan Finance Association2013 Annual Conference, May 31~ June 1, 2013, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.

13.Shirley J. Ho, & Hao-Chang Sung, “The Strategic Impacts of Providing NonprofitHealth Service,”The 9th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference,Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 8-10, April, 2011, Northeastern University.

14.Shirley J. Ho, & Hao-Chang Sung, “Strategic and Information Impact of Real Earning Management,”2011 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Finance Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2-5, March, 2011, DePaul University.


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1.National Social Science Foundationof China (Grant No: 15BJY011)

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