Name: Wangchunchao

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Dr./Prof. Chunchao Wang is the “Pearl River Distinguished” Professor, Dean of Jinan University- University of Birmingham Joint Institute and Head of the Department of Economics, Jinan University in Guangzhou, China. He is the science and technology consulting expert to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the legislative consultant to the Guangzhou People's Congress and Government as well. He has been conducting teaching in Development Economics and Macroeconomics at the University of Jinan since 2008 and has been providing graduate supervision since 2010. Prior to serving as professor, he received the best postdoctoral award from the Peking University. His main research fields cover Development Economics, Labor Economics and Rural Economics. His book, titled “Employment decision-making and labour mobility in Chinese peasant households” (in Chinese), was published in 2010 and was awarded Research Prize by Ministry of Education of China in 2013. Some of his academic English papers can be read in some prestigious international journals such as Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Macromarketing, China Economic Review, The Economic and Labour Relations Review etc., most of which are indexed in the SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index), and more than eighty Chinese academic papers have been published in various renowned Chinese academic journals, such as The Economic Research, Management of the World, Sociology Research, Statistics Research, World Economy, Economic Perspectives, The Economist (China), China Rural Economy, and The Journal of Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest, etc.

Prof. Wang is currently pursuing some research projects concerning rural migrant workers, human capital development for children, urban development and the Chinese economy, involving the National Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Funding project, among others. He has been conducting several large-scale surveys on rural migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta of China for a number of years.

Prof. Wang was awarded some important provincial and ministerial level research prizes in China, namely, the First-ranking Award of the National Challenge Cup Academic Science and Technology Work Competition for University Students, the Ninth National Statistics Outstanding Research Achievements, the Fifth Hubei Social Science Research Achievements, and the Guangdong Philosophy and Social Science Prominent Research Achievements, Best Paper in Journal of Economic and Social System Comparison (2012, 2014), etc. He was also awarded some important teaching prizes such asNanyue” Excellent Award for Teachers in Guangdong Province China, second prize of teaching contest throughout national universities, and first prize of teaching contest throughout the Guangdong universities etc.


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